• Conveyor Belting

    Bowman Hollis represents most of the high-tech conveyor belt suppliers, so we give you one-stop shopping. Belts for case sealers, strappers, folders, even high temperature belts for your heat sealers—we have it all. And, we can install any type belts in your plant, at your convenience.

  • Food Belts

    Bowman Hollis offers all types of belting for the food processor. With many USDA and FDA approved belts available, we offer quick and reliable service for bakeries, poultry and red meat processing, vegetable and food canning, and general processed foods. Some of our standard applications include cooling tunnels, rotary molders, rotary cutters, dough forming, packaging lines, deboning, and many others.

    Among our satisfied customers are many of the largest food processing plants. With our 118” wide splicing capability, our dedicated employees, and our access to the finest food belting manufacturers, Bowman Hollis can’t be beat if you are looking for a reliable belting supplier.

  • Flat Power Transmission Belts

    We represent the leading manufacturers of nylon core, polyester and aramide flat PT belts. Standard applications include tangential drive applications (twisters and open end machines), carpet manufacturing, paper manufacturing, wood and lumber, poultry pickers, and many others.

  • Folder Belts

    Whether you make corrugated or paperboard boxes, Bowman Hollis has the knowledge you need. We stock the best belts available for feeder, folding rail, compression and general folding applications. High speed carton folders such as Jagenberg or Bobst causing short belt life? Contact us today to solve this problem.

  • Printing Tapes

    Bowman Hollis stocks tapes from Habasit and Nitta for all your paper handling applications. We have the knowledge to choose the best printing tape for collators, sheeters, layboys, folders and every other graphic arts application.

  • High Temperature Belting

    We supply customers in textiles, screen printing, food, nonwovens, and various other industries. With quick access to all major high temp belting lines, we offer solid and mesh belts, of fiberglass, Kevlar and Nomex.

  • Wire belting

    Bowman Hollis provides all types of metallic belting to a wide variety of customers. We offer flat wire, two dimensional, and woven wire belts for breaders, fryers, various textile applications, nonwovens, and many other applications.

  • Textile Parts

    Bowman Hollis is the sole US source for the well-known Duesberg Comb Box. We inventory all sizes of these, as well as spare parts. Additionally, we have a fully-equipped machine shop, and can custom make any part you may need for older textile machinery. If you have older Rando, CMC, James Hunter or other equipment, contact us for your spare parts. We specialize in pinned and wire wound rolls, for textile opening applications.

    Textiles is where we started. Way back in 1946 we opened in Charlotte, NC, as a manufacturer of aprons for fiber opening machinery. Today, we still make those aprons, and in fact are by far the largest such manufacturer in the country.

    But, today, we do much more. In our custom machine shop, we can actually fabricate parts for many of the now discontinued machinery that keeps your plant running. Additionally, we provide belting for the spinning process (open end and ring) to most of the largest textile companies in the country. And conveyor belting to ship finished products out the door!

  • Belting Tools

    As a Habasit Premier Distributor we have access to the broadest selection of belt fabrication equipment existing. Available are belt skivers, presses, and slitters. Additionally, our employees have the knowledge to advise you on the best tool for your needs, and we can teach your employees how to use these tools.

  • Hose

    We primarily deal with air handling, vacuum and exhaust hose. Manufacturers represented are Hi-Tech Hose and Flexaust. If you blow fiber or other material, or have other uses for reinforced hose, contact us.

  • Aprons

    Without a doubt Bowman Hollis is the most advanced textile apron manufacturer in the world. For years we have provider the manufacturers of opening and carding equipment spiked aprons and plain aprons. Our employees know exactly what you need, and can ensure that you replace your aprons to original factory specification. Additionally, we can provide the segmented metallic aprons used by Truetzschler and Rieter, and even the plastic aprons used on modern nonwoven equipment.

  • Pneumatics

    We stock pneumatic valves, cylinders, actuators and tubing, from companies such as Bosch Rexroth, Festo and Nnitta Moore. We specialize in providing MRO parts for all types of factory automation applications, including sheet folding and hemming and packaging.

  • Tubing

    Tubing for all pneumatic applications. Materials available are Nylon 11, polyurethane, and PVC.

  • Modular Belting

    We offer the Habasit and KVP ranges of modular belting. As a Habasit Premier Distributor, you can be sure that our knowledge and service is unsurpassed, and our prices are great.

  • TTChain

    Bowman Hollis specializes in the Habasit/KVP table top chain. No matter whether you use plastic or steel, our products link right into the brand you currently use, and can save you big money!

  • fennerdrive

    Bowman Hollis is a Master Distributor for Fenner Drives. We stock most of their innovative belting, including Power Twist, Roller Drive, Driver Pad, and round urethane belts.

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